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3D CNC machining

An increase in demand for large 3D objects and sculptures was the driving force behind the acquisition of a 5 axis CNC machine in 2004. The table size is 3 metres long, 1.5 metres wide and has a ‘z’ height of 900mm.

Working from obj or stl files, an operator scales up the image, splits/divides the model into pieces to fit the machine’s table size, plots the cutting paths and parameters and then sends the file to the router. The router cuts the sculpture out of either white EPS foam or blue XPS foam. The final pieces are assembled, glued together and the surface is given a light sanding, the sculpture can then proceed to other moulding or finishing processes depending on what type of material the end product is to be made from.

3D CNC machining is now an advanced way to automate processes previously done by hand. This new solution provides the capability to turn digital files into 100% accurate, large scale sculptures and real world 3D objects in a shorter time frame.

Large, one off sculptures for inclusion in film sets can now be handled in a more streamlined process.

3D relief sculptures derived from gray-scale photographs, accurate terrain models from surveyors or satellite data files, engraving of 2D outlines onto 3D models, custom 3D themed signs and sculptures are just some of the applications for this technology.