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      • Born 18/12/1959
      • Age 14 decided after viewing ‘King Kong’ to make creatures for the movies


      • September: Commenced career at props company ‘Animads’, Sydney


      • April: Started own business ‘FX Associates’. Assisted David Pride build Australia’s first motion control camera system


      • February: ‘Mad Max 2’ Feature directed by George Miller – props assistant
      • Various props for TV commercials
      • October: ‘The Return of Captain Invincible’ Feature directed by Phillipe Mora – assistant models and props maker


      • February: Formed own company The Modelshop P/L
      • Various props for TV commercials


      • February: ‘Stanley’ Feature directed by Igor Auzins – props and models


      • January: ‘Sky Pirates’ Feature – specialised prop/model department supervisor
      • June – September: ‘Lorca and the Outlaws’ Feature directed by Roger Christian – specialised prop/model department supervisor


      • Mini series – ‘Land of Hope’, ‘Shout’, ‘Vietnam’ – props maker for the art and wardrobe departments


      • ‘The Blue Lightning’ USA Telemovie – props
      • ‘The Cowra Breakout’ Telemovie – small props, dead bodies
      • ‘Bliss’ Feature – prop tree branch, bee suit, replica awards and dead bodies


      • Various commercials
      • July: Twisties commercial directed by Steven Hopkins – models and creatures
      • August – December: ‘Howling IV – The Marsupials’ USA Feature directed by Phillipe Mora – creature sculptor for Bob McCarron’s werewolf crew


      • January – March: Created 26 human heads, 8 body types for ‘First State 88’, exhibition to open The Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre
      • April – May: ‘Dead Calm’ Feature directed by Phillip Noyce, shark sequence directed by George Miller – two animatronic Tiger Sharks *


      • August: ‘Salute of the Jugger’ Feature – prop animals
      • November – December: ‘Something is out There’ USA Telemovie pilot – exploding body & alien insect effects, assisted Rick Baker’s crew.


      • Created the animatronic Looney Tunes characters for the Looney Tunes ride at Warner Brothers Movie World, Australia Created the Gremlins for the Great Gremlin Adventure at Warner Brothers Movie World, Australia


      • January: Prototype Kangaroo for Village Roadshow’s ‘Kangaroo Kid’ proposed feature
      • April: Warner Retail Stores USA – 15 major Looney Tunes characters September: Relocated to Queensland and changed company name to John Cox’s Creature Workshop P/L
      • October – April: ‘Kangaroo Kid’ Feature directed by Dean Semler – six animatronic Big Red kangaroos*


      • April: ‘Kangaroo Kid’ shelved. Kennedy Miller shown the results
      • June: Walk-around Batman costume suits for Warner Bros. Movie World
      • July: Costume characters for ‘Sunway Lagoon Park’ in Kuala Lumpur
      • December: Prototype Border Leicester sheep to show Kennedy Miller that it was possible to create a very realistic animatronic animal


      • February: Panadol commercial – animatronic rooster*
      • May – June: ‘Escape from from Absolom’ USA Feature – dead bodies
      • June – December: ‘Babe’ Universal USA Feature directed by Chris Noonan – animatronic farmyard animals – 10 sheep, 3 mice, 6 puppies, 6 chickens and one of the thieves’ dogs*


      • January – June: ‘Babe’ location shoot, Bowral, NSW
      • February: Bundaberg Rum commercial directed by Peter Cherry. 5yr run on television and cinema – 6 animatronic Polar Bears*
      • September: Korean ‘Daewoo’ commercial – 2 animatronic Polar Bears*
      • October: 6 walk-around costume suit characters for Seaworld


      • July – December: Jackie Chan’s ‘First Strike’ Feature – 3 animatronic Gray Nurse sharks and one animatronic Great White shark*


      • March: John Cox receives 1995 Visual Effects Academy Award for ‘Babe’
      • April – June: ‘Equal’ sugar substitute commercial – animatronic dog*
      • June – November: ‘Joey’ Village Roadshow Feature – 6 animatronic baby kangaroos*


      • March: TV series ‘Roar’- realistic prop animal heads
      • March – August: ‘Moby Dick’ Hallmark USA TV mini-series directed by Franc Roddam – 21ft long animatronic silicone whale tail, 12ft long animatronic silicone whale tail and various other whale props*
      • December – March: ‘Gargantua’ Fox USA Telemovie directed by Bradford Mays – 13 various animatronic dinosaur type creatures*


      • March: Gargantua completed.
      • June – September: ‘Pitch Black’ Universal USA Feature directed by David Twohy – 11 complete aliens, various alien body parts and accompanying gizzards*
      • August – December: ‘Komodo’ Scanbox Asia Feature directed by Michael Lantieri – eleven 14ft long animatronic Komodo lizards*


      • January: ‘Silent Predators’ USA Telemovie, John Carpenter script – animatronic Rattlesnakes*
      • March – May: ‘Sabrina The Teenage Witch Down Under’ USA Telemovie – two talking white Chinchilla cats*


      • January: John Cox elected to become a voting member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences USA.
      • August: ‘Crocodile Dundee in LA’ Village Roadshow Feature directed by Simon Wincer – front 2.4 metres of an 8 metre crocodile capable of biting a canoe in half.*
      • September: ‘Ozzie’ Daybreak Flims NZ Feature directed by Bill Tannen – 3 talking animatronic Koalas. Filmed in Auckland, New Zealand*
      • November – June 2001: ‘Scooby Doo’ Atlas Entertainment/Warner Bros. USA Feature directed by Raja Gosnell – a huge cast of well known and new characters from the classic TV series*


      • July – September: ‘Every Dog has it’s Date’ Popular Yield Films Feature directed by James Yuen – an animatronic Golden Retriever dog filmed in Hong Kong*
      • September – February 2002: ‘Inspector Gadget 2’ Disney USA Direct to video Feature directed by Alex Zamm – animatronic, prosthetic and mechanical gadgets for the characters of Inspector Gadget and G2*


      • March: ‘Monsters We Met’ BBC Documentary – animatronic head and shoulders of the giant Australian lizard Megalania and his unfortunate victim, a Diprotodon.
      • April – September: ‘George of the Jungle 2’ Disney. USA Direct to DVD. Feature directed by David Grossman – 5 animatronic Gorilla suits capable of talking and singing and doing their own stunts!*


      • August – January: ‘Peter Pan’ Universal. USA Director PJ Hogan’s big budget retelling of the classic children’s story. Animatronic ‘Nana’ the St Bernard dog. 2 animatronic 100yr old, 1 eyed, 1 legged parrots. A giant 3m hydraulic/animatronic crocodile head capable of opening his mouth 5ft wide to swallow Captain Hook with just one bite*


      • May – December: ‘Racing Stripes’ Alcon Entertainment. USA. Feature directed by Frederick DuChau. A huge menagerie of animatronic talking animals including an Arabian mare, goat, rooster, pelican, shetland pony and zebras*


      • April – September: ‘Siegfried’ Constantin Produktions. Germany. Feature Animatronic pigs*
      • September – December: Manufacture of travelling museum exhibition ‘How to Make a Monster – The Art and Technology of Animatronics’. Creatures on Tour. Australia


      • August – November: ‘The Host’ Chungeorahm films. South Korea. Feature*
      • November – February 2006: ‘Rogue’ Emu Creek Productions. Australia. Feature directed by Greg McLean. Animatronic crocodiles*


      • August – November: ‘Love Story 2050’ Baweja Movies. Mumbai, India. Feature*


      • June – October: ‘Nim’s Island’ Walden Media. USA. Feature                           Animatronic turtles, lizards and sea lion*


      • June – July: ‘Oceans’ Disney. FRANCE. Documentary


      • February – April: ‘Allen’s makes smiles – Snakes’ Zoom Film & Television. Australia. Commercial*
      • April – August: ‘Chronicles of Narnia – Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ Walden Media. USA. Feature


      • June – September: ‘Maddie & Mike’ Southport Broadwater Parkland. Australia. Public Art
      • August – August 2011: ‘Terra Nova’ 20th Century Fox. USA. TV Series Steven Spielberg Executive Producer *
      • Nov – February 2011: ‘Betty Blue Eyes’ Cameron Mackintosh Limited. UK. West End Musical*
      • November: ‘Justice League Ride’ design Warner Brothers Movie World


      • February – April: ‘Allen’s – A day in the park’ Zoom Film & Television. Australia. Commercial*
      • August – September: ‘Rising Tide’ for SWELL Sculpture Festival  Winner – Kids Choice Award


      • April: ‘Fury Road’ Kennedy Miller. Tattoo lady manequin from body scan
      • June – April 2013: ‘Animals with Attitude GC Sculpture Trail’ Public Art Project in association with Currumbin Wildlife Hospital
      • September: Thomas Tank Engine face for Planet Productions
      • September:  Prototyping parts Unit Bikes


      • January: Machined components for Racing Cars companies
      • March: Machined sculptures for bronze artist
      • May:  Machined architectural domes and minarets High Profile Moulding
      • September: Skylanders and Call of Duty displays for Games Expo


      • January: Machined foam copies of lead actors for ‘Gods of Egypt’
      • March: Machined and moulded new version of ‘Animals with Attitude’ koala
      • March: Machined 2.4m high faceted foam head for Vivid light festival Sydney
      • April – May: Machined 2.5m high foam female head, male Jester, ‘Comedie’ mask and King Neptune for Carnivale parade Warner Bros Movie World
      • May – October:  Complete fabrication of full size animatronic Asian Elephant for Australian Outback Spectacular*
      • May – September: Machined numerous posed human bodies and props for various sculptors
      • September: Complete fabrication of ‘Kaos’ character sculptures for Games Expo
      • September – November: Complete fabrication of 2.7m tall sculpture for Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney


      • January: Machined foam ghost sharks for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’
      • February: Machined foam character ‘Vault Boy’ 1.8m tall
      • February: Machined 2 foam tables for concrete casting
      • March-September: Complete fabrication of lit fibreglass sculpture ‘See Life’
      • June: Machined foam quarter scale Commodore and Holden Efijy cars
      • July: Machined foam avocado shaped seat for concrete casting
      • September: Machined helmet prototypes
      • October: Machined large reception desk for concrete casting
      • October: Digital sculpture of huge sculpture for tender
      • November: Machined foam torso for body brace tests
      • Machined foam bus dashboard
      • machined foam figure for sculptor


      • January: Machined foam Lion for ‘The Nest’
      • Machined foam bodies for ‘Alien:Covenant’
      • Machined foam Captain America body
      • February: Machined large foam props for ‘Alien:Covenant’
      • March: Machined large foam sculptures for ‘Alien:Covenant’
      • Machined large avocado table for concrete casting
      • April – June: Machined large foam sculptures for ‘Alien:Covenant’
      • July: Machined large foam props for ‘Thor:Ragnarok’
      • August – November: Complete fabrication and finish of large Christmas decorations for Pacific Fair Shopping Centre Resort
      • September: Machined competitive surf ski
      • October: Machined foam figures for sculptors
      • November: Machined foam figures for sculptors


      • January: Machined foam actors bodies for ‘Aquaman’ wardrobe department
      • Machined 5 large foam forms for concrete casting
      • February: Machined 2.2 metre high foam tree slide for Art Dinouveau
      • February – March: Machined foam actors bodies for ‘Aquaman’ physical FX department
      • April: Machined figures for sculptor
      • Machined foam creature for ‘Aquaman’
      • May – June: Machined foam creatures and props, including ancient god statues, for ‘Aquaman’
      •  Machined car panels
      • July: Machined prototype ‘Snowsailer’ for Polar Race
      • August: Machined large foam throne for ‘Aquaman’
      • Machined foam Bench for concrete furniture company
      • September – November: Machined car panels for Racing Cars
      • Machined numerous foam figures for sculptors
      • December: Created 1/4 scale animatronic buggies for Sports Equipment company for Gold Coast Commonwealth Games*


      • January – April: Commissioned to build 16 ‘Borobi’ mascot sculptures for Gold Coast Commonwealth Games including Project Management of environmental, sustainability, WHS & installation parameters.
      • May – June: Machined components for ‘Trolls’ Playscape at Movieworld
      • Machined foam Hulk sculpture for PR company
      • Machine Bear for Chinese Theatre production
      • Machined foam items for concrete furniture company
      • Refurbished and moved ‘Borobi’ sculptures for City of Gold Coast
      • July – August: Machined foam actors bodies for ‘Dora the Explorer’ wardrobe department
      • Machined foam sculptures for ‘Dora the Explorer’
      • September: Made sculpture for artist exhibiting at Sculpture By The Sea
      • October: Machined foam horse and rider for bronze sculptor
      • November: Machined lighting stand ins for ‘Peter Rabbit 2’
      • December: Machined foam figures for sculptors


      • January – February : Machined foam figures for sculptors
      • May – June: Machined components for ‘Trolls’ Playscape at Movieworld
      • March: Machined oversized foam horse and rider for bronze sculptor
      • April: Machined foam actors body for horror film makeup department
      • June: Digital design for award
      • July: Machined 600mm foam set of teeth
      • August: Machined foam actors body for ‘Street Fighter’ film makeup department
      • Machined 2metre wide dinosaur footprint playground item
      • September: Machined oversized foam horse and rider for bronze sculptor
      • October – December: Machined multiple foam lead actors bodies for ‘Elvis’ film makeup department
      • Machined multiple foam actors body for ‘Shang-Chi’ film makeup department
      • November: Machined 2 quarter scale cars


      • January – February : Machined foam sculptures for ‘Elvis’ film
      • March – October: COVID19 lockdown
      • October – November: 7 large Xmas balls, the largest 2 @ 2700mm diameter


      • January : Machined foam actor’s body for ‘Thirteen Lives’ film
      • June: Machined foam lead actor’s body for ‘The Portable Door’ film
      • July: Machined foam model boat for ‘True Spirt’ film
      • August – December: Machined foam lead actors bodies and props for ‘Furiosa’ film


      • January : Machined model boat for ‘Nautilus’ film
      • August – September: 3D printing and machined foam creatures for ‘The Fall Guy’ film
      • September – December: Design and fabricate Jesus for ‘The New Boy’ film


      • January – May: 3D Print heads for ‘Phantom of the Opera’ China – Theater
      • February – May: Machined foam bodies for Artists
      • March: Machined foam creature for PR prop
      • April – : Machining foam lead actor’s body for ‘unnamed’ film

* John Cox animatronics supervisor