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‘Babe’ was a massive undertaking requiring 3 companies to provide all of the animatronic animals needed. John Cox’s Creature Workshop, Robotechnology, and Jim Hensons Creature Shop were contracted to supply over 25 talking farmyard characters for the movie.

The film was shot in and around Robertson on the southern Highlands of NSW in early 1994. The location was chosen for the high average yearly rainfall and the greenness of the grass, something which proved to be in very short supply on our arrival at the location.

John Cox’s Creature Workshop sculpted, moulded, cast and finished the 6 Border Leicester sheep, 3 Hampshire Downs sheep, 3 mice, 6 puppies, the robbers Alsatian dog and a half dozen chickens. The interior animatronics and control interfaces were created by Robotechnology. Ultimately the performance control system and the puppeteers were all supplied by Jim Hensons Creature Shop.

The majority of our scenes were all shot outdoors and the majority of shots required both animatronic and real sheep.