Ethan’s ‘Mr Peabody & Sherman’ Fundraiser

At the end of 2014 our son, Ethan, & 11 other Benowa State High School students are visiting Botswana & Namibia to conduct a building project to help a disadvantaged community through World Challenge.
The trip consists of 1 week orientation during which they will spend 5 days on a trek with the Kalahari Bushmen (learning to survive on grubs and snake bites!…?), then a week living with, and doing a building project for, a disadvantaged village in Botswana, then a week doing 2 treks in Namibia. The kids plan & book all the treks, buses, accommodation, buy, carry and make all the food and materials for the building project, set up their own tents, etc.. There is a link to the World Challenge website at the bottom if you would like to know more. They need to raise $6900 each to go and Ethan has been cleaning bins @ $10 each, working at the Broadbeach Library (every 2nd weekend – he prefers this to bin cleaning) and is now staging this event:
Ethan’s ‘Mr Peabody & Sherman’ World Challenge Fundraiser.
The movie looks like heaps of fun.
BCC at Pac Fair Sunday 30 March 2.30pm – Adults at Kids prices! $12.50
Hope you can join us. Bring friends!
‘Mr Peabody & Sherman’ Trailer

Email or call me if you would like tickets or more information
0422 833655
Bring funny glasses and/or a bow tie if you have them. Thank you for your support!
Mr P
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