John Carter of Mars

John waited thirty seven years for this film to be released and he loved it!

The film is based on the novel “A Princess of Mars” written by “Tarzan” author Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1917.  John read the novel, and the entire 11 book series, when he was 15 and spent the company’s entire marketing budget for 2005 building a 15 ft Tars Tarkas thark to show the then proposed director that the proportions were not quite right, unless John Carter was going to fight with, and talk to, the thark’s groin the whole time.

Many proposed directors and script treatments later, the writers have done a great job adapting the 95 year old story for a modern audience. The novel has inspired many filmmakers and storytellers over the years providing inspiration for many of the fantasy and sci-fi films we know so well. Multi-limbed creatures in Avatar were first described in “A Princess of Mars”, character names such as a Jeddak (Jedi) and Banth (Bantha) were borrowed for ‘Star Wars’. And the captured princess in an all too skimpy gold bikini…maybe just coincidence?

American actor Taylor Kitsch in the lead role is yummy in 3D so an enjoyable evening for our $15 per person investment. We hope Disney feels the same way about their $300 million investment. Catch it now, whilst it’s on the big screen.

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