‘The Host’ was a gigantic mutant fish monster that goes on the rampage through Seoul, South Korea before meeting his end in a fiery shootout on the banks of the Han River.

During it’s death throes there was a line in the script that described 2 children being pulled from the monsters throat. The only way to achieve that effect was to construct a 10ft long animatronic head that was then placed onto a gimbal which was manually controlled by our puppeteers. A large form tube was installed in the throat to hold the two child actors so that they could then be pulled from the monsters jaws safely.

John Cox’s Creature Workshop split the digital model into many parts to be able to sculpt, mould and cast all of the components needed to create the multi-layered jaws that were a pivotal design element.

The filmmakers couldn’t bring themselves to set fire to the giant puppet and so reverted to CGI flames to achieve the monsters fiery death.